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VICI Device operation small tips | Fridge thermometer TM803

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VICI THERMOMETER TM803 After-sales Tips

Q1:When the screen is in crash state, and display LL,L

MR.TONY:I bought a thermometer TM803 from you. When measuring, the screen will crash and ll and l will be displayed. What should I do?

VICIMETER:Please check out the specific cause as below:  

1. Replace the battery;

2. Switch the indoor temperature measurement to see if it can be displayed normally. If it can, the wire connected with the external probe is broken. 

3. If the indoor temperature is not displayed normally, it indicates the inside PCB damaged.

Q2:The screen could not show shows incomplete data

MR.TONY:I bought your thermometer TM803. The data on the screen is not displayed completely.

VICIMETER:Please check and try below operation: 

1.Replace the battery;

2.Wipe the conductive tape.

The thermometer is broken if the problem still not solved.

Q3:The temperature is wrong, how to set it

MR.TONY:I bought the thermometer tm803, the two temperature display is not the same, how to adjust it?

VICIMETER:"Currently, only high and low temperature alarms can be set. Self-adjusting this temperature cannot be set"

MR.TONY:What‘s the problem?

VICIMETER:The temperature you said is wrong, there are still two pictures showing the data, I further confirmed with our project, the goal of the two meters during the test is the reading of the field location at the same time (temperature comparison test, it is recommended that two people assume that if there is no The bad one), the test result is so hot, so it means that one of them is yes"

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