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Bench Type Multimeter

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1、Large LCD、High contrast、Wide visual angle LCD display、white backlight;

2、Dual-display:Main display 80000,Vice-display 80000,analog bar 21 sect.,unit、function symbol complete;

3、50 kinds of measuring function,With basicly DCV、ACV、DCA、ACA、Ω、CAP、Hz、TEMP、diode and Continuity measuring function etc;

4、Frequency measuring can rearch 80MHz;

5、Standard function generator:18 kinds of frequency,1%─99% Duty cycle,1800 pcs wave output;

6、Single analyzed:(AC+DC) measuring synchronous,(AC+Hz) measuring synchronous,(DC+dBm) measuring synchronous,(dBm+Hz) measuring synchronous,(Hz+Duty) measuring synchronous,(℃+℉) displaying synchronous;

7、Resistance measuring: 0.01Ω-80MΩ;

8、Capacitance measuring: 1nF-100μF;

9、Temperature measuring: -50℃─1372℃,-58℉─2502℉;

10、dBm measuring: 20pcs load Resistance choice;

11、Auto data refurbish hold;

12、positive、negative peak data auto hold;

13、36 hours dynamic record: MAX,MIN,AVG,MAX-MIN;

14、Relative measuring: REL△ Relative percent: REL%;

15、0.1%-99.9%pulse duty cycle measuring;

16、Set upper limit、lower limit area measuring;

17、Photo-electricity insulation RS-232 computer interface;

18、Timing measuring function;

19、AC measuring adopt High accuracy RMS,Widely measuring and AC+DC function,can measuring the accuracy virtual value of AC by any wave.