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The relation of accuracy, resolution and error

Time:2023-08-18 Views:58

Many students are always misled by the "addition and subtraction" in accuracy when calculating instrument errors, which leads to incorrect calculation results.

So here we share our actual combat experience about the correct error margin  with you, based on our VC480C+ milliohm meter as an example.

Before the lecture,let‘s know about some simple technical indicators:

Facing these indicators, did you ever have such doubts? 

In the accuracy “±(0.5%×digits+3)”, how do we calculate the “3”. 

Have a try with the 20mΩ range, when the input is 10.00, how will you calculate the error?

10.00+(10.00× 0.5%+3)=10+3.05=13.05
10.00-(10.00× 0.5%+3)=10-3.05=6.95

So the error margin is 6.95Ω-13.05Ω?

Is It Correct?
It‘s wrong!
So what is correct way? 

Don‘t worry!I will share the exclusive secrets with you to ensure that you will never go wrong again!

Actually this simple formula can be applied uniformly when calculating the error range of a certain range, it is not only available for milliohm meter error calculating, but also suitable for the other electronic measurement instruments, such as multimeter, clamp meter, thermometer, lx or light  meter, etc.

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